The Coffeehouse: A welcome

“The modern way of discussing and understanding the modern game was invented in the coffee houses of Vienna.”

Welcome to The Coffeehouse: Debating FM.

Firstly, why The Coffeehouse? During the early 1920’s, as mainland Europe began to shake off the aftereffects of the Great War, football was beginning to morph into a similar game to the one we see today. Whilst the rest of the world was still yet to truly appreciate the tactical intricacies of football, this was not the case in the coffee houses of Vienna. Intellectuals from across the Austrian capital were to meet daily in the coffeehouses, where they would discuss a number of topical subjects, namely football.

Since those times, football has changed fairly dramatically. But arguably the most interesting aspect of football – the tactics employed by the manager – still present similar challenges to this day.

As the more eagle-eyed among you will have noticed, this blog is not just for football. It is, more specifically, based on Football Manager. I will aim to provide content ranging from tactical roles, to financial control, to wonderkids lists. Anything I find interesting enough will probably find its way onto here. I’ll hopefully explain what I mean clearly and then tell you why, how and when to implement it into Football Manager. If you too find my ideas interesting then you’re welcome to leave feedback in the comments’ section.

I’m also available on Twitter should you have a burning desire to get hold of me, or if you have any basic feedback or ideas for the site. It’s all very good providing multitudes of information on FM, but the truly great part is the discussion that entails. I’d love for you to get involved. If you’ve got an article you’d like to host on the site then you’re also more than welcome to contact me on Twitter.


    • Eds

      Yeah, thought I’d add “Debating FM” into the title in the vein hope of getting something from the search engines. Not the end of the world if not.

      Many thanks.

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