2015/16 PSV: Moving on

It’s been a bit of a dire year for PSV. European football brought about some challenges this squad just wasn’t able to overcome and we finished 2nd in the league. We also struggled to 3rd in our Champions League group, before being knocked out early on in the Europa League by a fairly lacklustre AC Milan side, who took the tie on away goals.

Our problems in the league came about mainly due to our poor chance creation. Last season we were averaging 2.73 CCCs & 4.18 HCs per game, whereas this season that total dropped to 1.91 & 3.26. It’s therefore no surprise to see that all of my strikers were down on goals. I wasn’t expecting Georginio Wijnaldum to be too much of a loss, but he proved to be so. Dennis Praet was brought in on a free transfer to attempt to fill his shoes but still has far too much developing to do to fill Wijnaldum’s rather weighty shoes.

I’d give you an analysis as to why we were so much shoddier in the creativity department but I was whizzing through the season in search of a new job.

When it seemed the league was out of reach with Ajax spending twice as much as us on wages, and we were knocked out of European competitions, the rest of the season was spent scouting my own players and judging who’d be able to make the step up to a bigger club. I eventually decided that none were ready. Useless bastards. That wouldn’t stop me buying one or two and loaning them back to PSV though. We shall see.

My last update ended with the promise I’d be on the lookout for a new job during this season. As the season begun, Guus Hiddink retired following tremendous success in achieving the league and Champions League double with Real Madrid. Being an ex-PSV man and the guy who comments on the team whenever we do particularly well/poorly, the romantic in me felt like the Real job would be a great storyline for me, moving on from PSV. But it wasn’t to be. Rejected.

Throughout the year, a reasonable number of attractive jobs became available; Atletico, Bayern, Barcelona, and AS Monaco were all available at some point. Despite applying for all of them, Monaco were the only one happy to go further than a job interview and I ended up declining. I obviously wasn’t happy going to the moneybags of France. So it was only logical for me to reach the end of the season and accept PSG’s offer…

Another update to come once I’ve burnt my way through the £70m transfer budget.

I’m also planning an article analysing the impact of chance location. That should be a tad more interesting.



  1. PeeDub

    ” I obviously wasn’t happy going to the moneybags of France. So it was only logical for me to reach the end of the season and accept PSG’s offer…”

    You don’t have ironic font?

    I’m glad you’re active again – love the stories and the insight!

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