FM14 Ujpest 2018/19 Picturebook: Domestic quadruple

These updates are getting a bit samey for me so I’m just going to stick a load of pictures up for this season. I don’t want to stall my progress in the 2019/20 season to write an update but I want to keep everyone updated so here you go. Should be back to written updates soon.



  1. PeeDub

    I actually really like this style of update. But if you have any future thinking thoughts, obviously, those are much harder to capture in pictures.

    Were you or Maribor in the third pot for CL drawing?

    • Eds

      Appreciate the feedback, maybe I can figure something out so it’s possible to just look through the images if people cba to read all the text, in future.

      Maribor were in the 3rd pot. Hopefully we’ll manage to be in 3rd next year.

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