FM14 2022 Újpest: Continental coefficient creeps up

Welcome to an update to the increasingly irregular series where I focus on my save with Újpest in Hungary. I’ve planned for this update to be mainly pictures because my motivation to play Football Manager is pretty low at the moment, so when I do get the urge to play, I’d rather actually play than spend my time writing about it. Unfortunately this irregularity of update means the site has been rejected by Sports Interactive’s Affiliate Scheme. It’s a bit disappointing that this is the case because I’m sure a number of you read one-man FM blogs and it’s difficult for a single person to commit to regular content that they do just for fun. But oh well. On to the game.

During my last update I wrote about the 2019/20 season. It’s been a while so if you’ve forgotten what happened you can check it out here ( Since then I’ve played two seasons, with steady progress in both. In those years, we’ve won;

2x Hungarian Division I
2x Hungarian Cup
2x Hungarian Super Cup
2x Hungarian U21s Group 1
2x Hungarian U21s Cup
1x Hungarian League Cup

So as you can tell it’s been a rather good period, and aside from the seven consecutive titles in the 1970s, probably the most successful in the club’s history as we now take our league tally to six. But perhaps more importantly than any of these is our performances in Europe.

2020/21 Group H:

2021/22 Group D:

Obviously I was more than slightly pleased to get out of the group this year, and even a 5-0 aggregate loss to Man United wasn’t enough to dampen my spirits. If we can qualify from our group again next year then we can be considered to be a genuinely strong European club and continue to progress from our current ranking of 50th in the continent. The Hungarian First Division is also up to 12th, meaning we’ve actually gained an extra Champions League place. Hopefully we can hold onto it.

Have some pictures. If you’d like to see anything else then you’re welcome to ask me on Twitter @MrEdsFM (



All-time Records:


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