FM15: Radars: Make your own

Having featured radars heavily in the previous few posts, they received very positive feedback. So I’ve put a bit of effort in, and now have much more accurate data that gives values I’m happy with.

One of the main pieces of feedback was that it was too easy to reach the outer boundary of each stat. I’ve tried to rectify this somewhat whilst still keeping with the initial data collection methods.

Each boundary represents [roughly] 5%/95% of the total population. This was previously the top three leagues in Europe, but it now contains two seasons worth of the top six leagues.

AM/FW radars

New values:

Old vs new example: Jay Rodriguez, 2015-16:

Whilst that not seem like a massive difference, it really is. The first radar suggests Rodriguez is world class, whereas the new values signify that he’s a good player who had a really good season.

DM/CM radars

New values:

Old vs new example: Morgan Schneiderlin, 2015-16:

Similar changes here: previously very good, now good.

How to make them

1. Go here:
2. Click the template you want (either DM/CM or AM/FW)
3. Make the stat names and min/max values the same as mine.


More to come from my Southampton save shortly.

If you do use these, please do let me know. I’m more than happy to share any changes I make to them publicly, but if no-one’s interested then I just won’t bother. Ta.



  1. andre

    I’m about to make some very stupid questions and I hope you don’t facepalm too hard.

    I’m confused as to how to find stats such as “Non-Penalty Goals”, “Int+Tackles”, actually, all of them. Do I need to calculate something? Do I need to find them hidden within FM?

    Another thing, on the website you linked, is there a way to make the values we input to stay permanently? Or do I have to re-enter all of the correct stat ranges? Maybe there is a way to make a similar tool in a spreadsheet.

    Sorry for the dumb questions again.

    • 13s

      No problem, I’ve had lots of people ask me before!

      Basically, the first thing you have to do is find the total number of minutes played, and divide it by 90. These are all per 90 mins stats as that’s more accurate than per game stats.

      Non-penalty goals = (Goals – Penalties scored) / 90 mins played
      Int+Tackles = (Total Interceptions + Total Tackles ) / 90 mins played

      If you need help on any other specific stats, let me know.

  2. Mike

    I’d like to make some of these, but I really don’t know where to begin. I understand how to get the number of mins played, but I’m not sure what to do to get the max/min values. For example, for throughballs -is the minimum value the lowest number of throughballs made divided by the number I get when dividing the total mins by 90?

    • 13s

      For the stat names and min/max values, copy my values EXACTLY. Throughballs and Dispossessed aren’t measured in FM so they’re not on my radar.

      Once you’ve got the stat names and min/max values, put your player’s values in ‘VALUE’.

  3. kamakazeee

    Hi Ed, these radars are great, I think they would be great for my money ball game which im considering posting on the si forums. I just wondered, all i can see is radars for FW/AM DM/CM what do you choose for defenders and wingers etc… Would I use the DM/CM radar for defenders and players at the back and the AM/FW radars for players in the final third? Great Blog btw, Some of the articles i have read have been great, especially your save in Hungary 🙂

    • 13s

      I don’t use radars for defenders, I don’t find the stats that useful for CBs! If you use CWBs then AM radars can actually work quite well, but not sure about full-backs.

      I use AM/FW for any players in the AM cordon or the striker cordon, as well as for ML and MR. DM/CM is fairly self explanatory. Although if you have a particularly attacking CM, then putting them on the AM/FW radar might work quite well too.

      Appreciate the comment!

  4. kamakazeee

    Thankyou for your reply, Ive quickly came up with what i think i could use for Cbs and full backs, May I ask how did you come up with values so i can gauge what i could use.

    Centre backs

    Average Rating
    Tackles % – Im guessing this percentage of tackles over 90 minutes or completed tackles?
    Aerial% – Headers won?
    Red Cards
    Yellow Cards
    Passes Completed


    Average Rating
    Red cards
    Yellow cards

    • 13s

      I came up with the values by using the top 5% and bottom 5% of all players in Europe over three seasons of data. Unfortunately adding radars with all those stats and finding the values would mean collating all that data again which just isn’t an option for me.

  5. kamakazeee

    Oh no im not asking you too, i wouldnt dream of asking you, sorry if i came across that way, Ill do it myself i was just asking your opinion on the choices i chose 🙂

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