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FM15: Moneyball & The Udinese Project

Finishing my Dortmund save meant it was time for a new one. I asked on Twitter and in the previous blog post for suggestions on new places to visit across Europe. There were some excellent suggestions, with Denmark and Croatia amongst my favourites. Whilst Denmark seemed an excellent place to manage, none of the clubs particularly took my fancy. And similarly, Croatia had some interesting rules on Home Grown players that I didn’t fancy contending with.

When I can’t decide a club to choose for a new save, I tend to holiday a season with a big database of many leagues. Once the season is up I check for vacancies and particularly insecure jobs. More often than not, there’s something interesting. And this time was no different; Ajax, Werder Bremen, Zenit, Celta Vigo, and a few others were available. But eventually the club selected was Udinese.

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The Coffeehouse: A welcome

“The modern way of discussing and understanding the modern game was invented in the coffee houses of Vienna.”

Welcome to The Coffeehouse: Debating FM.

Firstly, why The Coffeehouse? During the early 1920’s, as mainland Europe began to shake off the aftereffects of the Great War, football was beginning to morph into a similar game to the one we see today. Whilst the rest of the world was still yet to truly appreciate the tactical intricacies of football, this was not the case in the coffee houses of Vienna. Intellectuals from across the Austrian capital were to meet daily in the coffeehouses, where they would discuss a number of topical subjects, namely football.

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