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FM15: Radars: Make your own

Having featured radars heavily in the previous few posts, they received very positive feedback. So I’ve put a bit of effort in, and now have much more accurate data that gives values I’m happy with.

One of the main pieces of feedback was that it was too easy to reach the outer boundary of each stat. I’ve tried to rectify this somewhat whilst still keeping with the initial data collection methods.

Each boundary represents [roughly] 5%/95% of the total population. This was previously the top three leagues in Europe, but it now contains two seasons worth of the top six leagues.

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FM14 2022 Újpest: Continental coefficient creeps up

Welcome to an update to the increasingly irregular series where I focus on my save with Újpest in Hungary. I’ve planned for this update to be mainly pictures because my motivation to play Football Manager is pretty low at the moment, so when I do get the urge to play, I’d rather actually play than spend my time writing about it. Unfortunately this irregularity of update means the site has been rejected by Sports Interactive’s Affiliate Scheme. It’s a bit disappointing that this is the case because I’m sure a number of you read one-man FM blogs and it’s difficult for a single person to commit to regular content that they do just for fun. But oh well. On to the game.

During my last update I wrote about the 2019/20 season. It’s been a while so if you’ve forgotten what happened you can check it out here ( Since then I’ve played two seasons, with steady progress in both. In those years, we’ve won;

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Football Manager Community Draft League

Andres Iniesta or Mesut Ozil? Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

This is the FM bloggers’ chance to voice those opinions and create a team fitting to their philosophies and ideal tactical systems.

The premise:
– standard snake draft (by snake I mean that the order for round 1 is reversed for round 2 – order for round 1 is generated by a list randomiser)
– each drafter must pick a player to add to their 23-man squad
– you can pick a player when your time is up by mentioning his name in the comment section of this article – you’re welcome to say a few words about why you’ve picked him too
– once you have picked a player, no-one else can pick him
– each pick has a 24 hour limit – if you don’t pick within 24 hours then your turn is skipped and the draft moves on – you may make up your pick at any time after this point.
– at the end of the 23 round draft, each manager will be required to create a couple of paragraphs about the tactical systems they’d use if they were using this team in real-life or in football manager. This can be as long or as short as you so wish.

After discussions on Twitter, it was decided the more interesting part was picking the players and tactical systems so I’ve decided to abandon the idea of holidaying the game. Therefore, you don’t need Football Manager or anything like that – this is purely based on real-life and tactical theory.

Any other questions, let me know on Twitter or in the comments section below.

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