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FM14 Újpest 2019/20: The year of the agent

Following a text-less update for the 2018-19 season, I’m somewhat re-invigorated and so you’re back to having to read words. Unlucky. I’ve still got some pretty pictures though.

A domestic quadruple was always going to be the most we could hope for as we’re still some way off making a dent in Europe. I consider us to be firmly in the ‘Continental Consolidation’ phase of the club’s development — winning every single domestic trophy suggests we’ve gone past the ‘Domestic Dominance’ phase. But this progression has been a bit of a bitch in terms of keeping player wages down. Several key players had contracts expiring at the end of the 2019-20 season meaning we either had to negotiate a new deal or risk losing them on a free transfer. The three main men were Nassir el Aissati, Kadú and Fernando Canesin Matos; all signed new deals worth £6k, £6.5k and £4.2k p/w. As manager I’ve spent very little on transfer fees, meaning our finances are excellent and we’ve got a massive wage budget; following the end of the 2019-20 season, we were spending £77k p/w on wages with a total budget of over £300k p/w. But giving those wages to guys who were happily accepting ~£1.5k p/w only a few seasons ago grates me slightly.

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FM14 Újpest 2017/18: Domestic dominance begins

The season after our first league title was always likely to be a crucial one, and it ended up being so. In order to improve the coefficients of the league and of Hungary itself, it was crucial we did well in the Champions League, and that ended up being our focus. Initially, this meant our league form suffered really quite badly. But with the young squad that won the league being kept largely intact, and further improving, I was confident in our ability to catch up the leaders (who were Videoton, as you may have guessed).

The only changes to the squad were…

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