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Overhauling your Squad: Wolves 2026

note: all players mentioned in this can be viewed in this imgur album: here.

Welcome to a slightly different update. I’ve returned to Wolves in a bid to create a properly dominant side, based on attacking football. Reading records from FMers on Twitter about games unbeaten has made me realise that I’ve never actually gone a season unbeaten on any Football Manager, and it’s about time I did. With £300m in the transfer kitty, my Wolves side should be more than capable of doing just that. So, this article will hopefully allow me to not only get my thoughts down on ‘paper’, but to also illustrate the methodology I employ when overhauling my squad.

The reason a squad overhaul is necessary is the relative failings of last season. Whilst we won the Community Shield, European Super Cup and Club World Cup in the first half of the season, we were only able to add the FA Cup to this. Falling to PSG in the quarter finals of the Champions League was frustrating, however, losing the title for the first time in eight years was even more so. This was compounded by the 92 point tally we recorded being enough to win the league in any other Premier League season except this one. And yet, Man City rack up 94. Great.

So here we are.

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Exploiting Space: The False Eight

Hi chaps, first of all I’d like to apologise for the lack of posts recently. I did an update on my Le Mans save but I’ll be surprised if anyone managed to get through all of it, so hopefully this is a tad more exciting. For the time being I’ve abandoned my Le Mans save and returned to Palmeiras where my Copa Libertadores winning team is open to tactical innovations.

But from a brief overview of the team, I decided that the role to create would be the False Eight. It’s a fairly dire coinage but I feel it most accurately describes what I’ve attempted to create. I’m sure the vast majority of my readers will have heard of the False Nine, and even the False Ten. Although for those of you who haven’t, the False Nine (for example) is a player who plays as a traditional number 9 striker in the offensive phase of play, but whilst the opposition have the ball, he drops deep in an attempt to retain possession.

As followers of the blog will know, I have something of a fascination with players contributing more to the team than they perhaps should. And [hopefully], that’s what I’ve managed to do with the False Eight.

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Summer Transfer Window 2029: Le Mans FC

Hello and welcome to my first update in a while. There’s a number of reasons why it’s been a while but one of those is I just haven’t had time to play Football Manager lately. As well as this, there’s been a few in-game issues which I’ll go into throughout the update.

But the best way to go is just to plough on, and I did that with Le Mans. It was always going to be a difficult Summer, though, for two major reasons. Firstly, much like the situation QPR find themselves in presently, Le Mans had players on Ligue 1 wages. The drop to Ligue 2 was a hitch in the road but unfortunately not gaining promotion at the latter end of last year has really sent the bills spiralling out of control. The revenue generated in Ligue 2 simply isn’t enough. And because of this, the board have slashed the transfer and wage budgets. Last season, I had £7m in my transfer kitty and spent £215k per week on wages. This year, I’m expected to push on with no transfer budget (and 0% of the revenue earnt re-invested into transfers) and a £175k p/w wage budget. Because of that, I had to make some extremely tough decisions.

The second reason this was a particularly difficult Summer was the particularly odd rule put in place by the FFA in regards to number of non-EU players, for Ligue 2 clubs. For relegated Ligue 1 teams, you’re allowed 4 non-EU players registered in your squad. This rule somewhat limited me last season in that I had a fifth player from Brazil unable to play. This annoyed me but I was willing to wait until the new season to bring him in. Then I realise that if you were in Ligue 2 last season, you’re only allowed 2 non-EU players. This meant I had to cut my transfer prices dramatically. And I was not happy.

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A season at Le Mans: a review

Welcome to the second update of my Le Mans career. For those of you that follow the blog, you’ll know that it’s been a while since I began the career, but other things have gotten in the way. Even with my customary routine of playing the first season at a new club without any in-depth analysis, it’s still taken me a while to actually get it done. But there you go.

And in my first season, we finished just outside the promotion places of Ligue 2, in 5th place. Whilst I’m more than happy to spend another season in Ligue 2 in order to develop the talented youngsters we have, the club’s accountants and directors aren’t nearly as content. Whilst we had a transfer budget of £2m and wage budget of £200k p/w last season, the board have dropped this to £200k transfer budget and £175k wage budget. Considering we were already spending over the previous wage budget, at £205k, it’s going to be extremely difficult to not only cut back, but also maintain a necessary title challenge.

However, as always, the first season is always done quickly and efficiently. Its main role is to make my life easier in the second season where I really begin to make my mark on a save. If you’re ever having trouble getting into a save, I like to do this, as you become attached to the players and involved with the club despite the minimal input of effort. If you really don’t fancy it then you can even holiday games and act as a Director of Football in your first season.

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Reactionary Tactical Analysis: crooked 4-2-3-1 with Manchester United

Thanks for the tremendous response to the first part of the article. I hope this gives you a better idea of how you can use the tactic yourself.

As ever, no one tactic is suitable for every formation and tactic you come across. And that’s much the same with the crooked 4-2-3-1. It’s vitally important to consider the opponent whenever you play, and so I’ll highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the formation against other opposing shapes. Note that you’ll have to go into a lot more detail than this in order to guarantee success – shape is only a basis of a tactic.

I’ll be using a Manchester United side as a basis in order to show the different players you can use in each role. I haven’t made any changes to the starting squad apart from the signings of Arturo Vidal and Leighton Baines.

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