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Football Manager 2014 Preview: Eight New Tactical Roles

For the Twitter users among you, I’m sure you’ll know that for the past two weeks Sports Interactive have been heavily plugging Football Manager 2014 as they begin to announce new features publically. Quite frankly, their series of ‘feature roulette’ tweets has become tedious and mundane as incredibly irrelevant “features” are announced.

However, today they revealed something that had the potential to be just a bit interesting. And that’s the new tactical roles they’ll be introducing into FM14. There are eight all-in-all; half back, target flank man, limited full back, complete wing back, enganche, regista, false nine and shadow striker.

Initially I got excited that there were changes to the current roles. There’s still so much to be done and I thought FM14 could go some way to addressing this. I think I was wrong. And I’ll try to explain why, role by role.

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