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Project Totaal Voetbal (FM11)

This is a piece from a few years ago, as the title suggests, but a lot of the content still applies today. It was based around creating a tactic that could be downloaded, but I feel its still of value as a piece of reading. I’d also love to hear about any attempts of Total Football that have been attempted, and hopefully this can spark that discussion.

This hasn’t been updated since FM11, so the writing may be of a slightly lower quality and there may be some oddities. Even if you don’t fancy reading the article I still highly recommend watching the YouTube video. It’s incredible.

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Hi guys, and welcome to my Project Totaal Voetbal, or Total Football for those of you who don’t speak basic Dutch. Total Football has been hailed as the Holy Grail for Football Manager tacticians, and I heard it was just a bit of a challenge to re-create the pure fluidity of the Dutch national side of ’74 and the Ajax sides of the early 1970s. Well, I thought I’d take the challenge.

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