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Dortmund FM15: 31/32: The Perfect League Season

Before I’d achieved an unbeaten season with Dortmund, I genuinely thought it was impossible.

Each year, we’d lose a game in an away game against some dodgy mid-table side and I’d whinge before not playing Football Manager for weeks. To me, anyone who achieved an unbeaten season was either ridiculously lucky or ridiculously good at the game.

But it turns out, maybe not.

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FM15: Five years of Dortmund goodness

As seems to be the case regularly these days, it’s been a long while since my last [Dortmund] update. In that update, I suggested the save may well be done & finished as we completed our aim of an unbeaten season. This proved not to be the case, and I’ve actually completed a number of seasons since them.

This is largely because a variety of new objectives have taken priority; back-to-back(to-back) Champions League titles, a new stadium, creating a new side after dismantling the old one for massive transfer fees and, most importantly, Robert Wechner’s goal tally. One of the main joys of Football Manager is finding regens who fit your style & philosophy, and morphing them into a deadly player capable of ruining the opposition. Wechner is just that, and he happened to come through the academy. In the last article I wrote, I noted that he’d never reached Gerd Muller’s Bundesliga record of 365 goals; but not because of a lack of ability, just that I’d never manage him to that point as the save was done. But I continued, and at the end of this season I checked it. How many Bundesliga goals had he scored?

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FM15: Southampton, scouting and stats

Taking over a team at dead last is always going to be tricky, and so it proved early on. I expected to avoid relegation with ease, but it went down to the final day where any of four teams could’ve finished in the dreaded relegation zone, whilst Stoke and Sunderland had already sealed their own fate in 19th & 20th.

We were able to comfortably beat Crystal Palace at St. Mary’s, and end up in a much undeserved 15th place finish. Having spent only three weeks of the season outside of the relegation zone, there’s lots of work to do to ensure we’re able to finish top half next year, as the board expect.

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A first foray into FM15: Southampton in peril

Welcome back to my first FM article in a long while. Obviously the release of the Football Manager 2015 beta and the release of the actual game has effectively ended my Ujpest save for FM14. It would’ve been great to win the Champions League, but progress was stunting massively and it seemed unlikely. Maybe one for the future.

Despite this article, there’s no commitment from me to play or write about FM15. I’ve recently opened my new football analysis website, 13steps: http://13steps.co and it’s taking up a lot of time for each new article. It’s simple a matter of motivation & enjoyment right now, and FM has taken a back seat in those stakes recently.

However, I’m more than willing to give the new game a try. After initial forays with Bayern and West Ham, I eventually settled on a save that interested me: Southampton.

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FM14 Újpest 2022/23: Fattening the squad

Following my fairly dull update of the 2020/21 and 2021/22 seasons at Újpest, this one will give you a bit more detail on the squad and what’s actually going on at the club. During the season I’ve also been looking at the stats in slightly more detail in a bid to create a player radar (such as the one here: https://fmcoffeehouse.wordpress.com/2014/07/15/fm14-ujpest-201920-the-year-of-the-agent/) for full-backs. Unfortunately, because my full-backs play as Complete Wing Backs, they produce quite irregular stat-lines and therefore aren’t indicative of all players in their position.

One thing I’d like to address in relation to this is the question I often get where people seem confused as to why I actually collate these stats every year. If you’re not interested in the answer then you’re more than welcome to skip the next few paragraphs.

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FM14 2022 Újpest: Continental coefficient creeps up

Welcome to an update to the increasingly irregular series where I focus on my save with Újpest in Hungary. I’ve planned for this update to be mainly pictures because my motivation to play Football Manager is pretty low at the moment, so when I do get the urge to play, I’d rather actually play than spend my time writing about it. Unfortunately this irregularity of update means the site has been rejected by Sports Interactive’s Affiliate Scheme. It’s a bit disappointing that this is the case because I’m sure a number of you read one-man FM blogs and it’s difficult for a single person to commit to regular content that they do just for fun. But oh well. On to the game.

During my last update I wrote about the 2019/20 season. It’s been a while so if you’ve forgotten what happened you can check it out here (https://fmcoffeehouse.wordpress.com/2014/07/15/fm14-ujpest-201920-the-year-of-the-agent/). Since then I’ve played two seasons, with steady progress in both. In those years, we’ve won;

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FM14 Ujpest 2018/19 Picturebook: Domestic quadruple

These updates are getting a bit samey for me so I’m just going to stick a load of pictures up for this season. I don’t want to stall my progress in the 2019/20 season to write an update but I want to keep everyone updated so here you go. Should be back to written updates soon.

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