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2016/17 PSG: New beginnings

Apologies for the slightly underwhelming nature of my previous article. My heart wasn’t really in the save at that point and I was playing largely on key highlights, flicking through the games and weeks as quickly as possible in a bid to move on from PSV. Having to go through the whole season before finding a job was particularly frustrating, given Laurent Blanc was sitting at either Insecure or Very Insecure in the PSG hotseat for the vast majority of the season. But eventually the offer came and here I am.

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2013/14 PSV: Summer not quite as planned…

Since my last update at the end of the 2013/14 season, we’ve completed our squad overhaul. In the end it ended up as less of an overhaul and more of a sale of the deadwood and the arrival of three central midfielders. Ah well.

The first two guys were planned for a while. I knew we needed a dominating presence at DM, a player who could dictate play but also act as the primary playmaker from deep. With Maher and Hiljemark at CM and both being incredibly dynamic players who push on, the DM is likely to be left to deal with opposition counter-attacks. As he was available on a free transfer, Ekdal was a no-brainer. In the previous update I said the transfer budget was largely flexible, but when you can get the same quality of player on a free transfer then you go for it. I had planned for Ekdal to be my DLP-D at the base of a ‘1-2’ shape in central midfield, but that changed later in the window due to this man..

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The Coffeehouse: A welcome

“The modern way of discussing and understanding the modern game was invented in the coffee houses of Vienna.”

Welcome to The Coffeehouse: Debating FM.

Firstly, why The Coffeehouse? During the early 1920’s, as mainland Europe began to shake off the aftereffects of the Great War, football was beginning to morph into a similar game to the one we see today. Whilst the rest of the world was still yet to truly appreciate the tactical intricacies of football, this was not the case in the coffee houses of Vienna. Intellectuals from across the Austrian capital were to meet daily in the coffeehouses, where they would discuss a number of topical subjects, namely football.

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